Our first skiing course

On the 13th of March, we went to Kreischberg. In the morning at 7:30 am the bus drove off. Everyone was excited and happy. Some of my classmates went skiing for the first time of their life.

We arrived at our hotel ‘Jufa Murau’. We put the luggage in the hotel and then our second bus arrived. The bus brought us to the skiing region Kreischberg. We took the gondola up to the mountain and had lunch afterwards. We skied all afternoon. We went home to our hotel by train and then we moved into our rooms. We had two hours of free time and then had dinner and evening entertainment. The rest of the time we skied everyday, and it was great fun!  

On Thursday we had our final race. Every student cheered for every racer. The race was very exciting. In the evening there was the award ceremony.

On Friday, the 17th of March we went home to Graz by bus.

The skiing course was a lot of fun, but much too short!


Lilly (2d)